Unique Ideas For Left Over Moving Boxes

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Once you have moved and settled into your new house, you will surely be left with an ample number of moving boxes lying all around your newly acquired house.

Even though we tend to think that we need to simply clean up the mess and remove the debris, there are a multitude of fun and creative ways to use left over moving boxes and get rid of that litter.

In order to make these creative solutions work, you do not need to be a mastermind either.

In conjunction with your moving supplies, there are also many ways you can turn useless into useful, and make sure you get the most use out of them. W

hether it is for family entertainment with the kids or a DIY project you can do yourself.

Some Unique Idead for Left Over Moving Boxes:



The last thing you’re going to think of when you think of ugly brown moving boxes is a stunning home décor arrangement to match them with. It’s time to get creative.

You can construct photo frames from leftover moving boxes to either hang on the wall or sit on your favourite shelf, depending on how you see fit.

With the help of cardboard boxes, you can create a photo frame that shows off your most prized memories and people.

Use colourful materials or recycled bits and pieces to decorate the frame. You can keep it as simple or creative as you like.

It’s a great idea to create a DIY memo board for the kitchen, as it’s a perfect way to keep track of all those things you’re going to forget when you’re in a hurry.

Then, around the edges, you can use your favorite-colored fabric to match your current home decor, and pin memos or shopping lists to it.

A fun idea would be to use scrapbook paper or material to cover the cut outs of the cardboard letters that are attached to the bedroom doors of your children or dress up your laundry room with some lettering if you have children.

You can even make planter centerpieces and decorative storage boxes for the décor.

How amazing it would be to wrap these cardboard boxes with wood photo backdrop paper and create pantry bins.


Decluttering and starting afresh are ideal when moving into a new home. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need a lot of creative storage ideas.

Utilizing leftover moving boxes may be a simple and budget friendly method to accomplish this without needing too much ingenuity or craft work.

Reuse your moving boxes for storage. Moving boxes may be readily reused, whether in your wardrobe for outdated clothing, shoes, or bags that you don’t want to toss aside or in your office workstation for paperwork and other goods.

You’ll be able to keep your new space organized by devising clever storage options.



If you own a cat, you are probably quite familiar with their love affair with boxes. There are a lot of ways that you can cater to your pet’s creativity with leftover moving boxes, and in turn, you may be able to possibly save your furniture from being destroyed because of their creative destruction.

Cardboard boxes can either stand-alone without any fancy work, or you can cut sections out and connect them to other boxes.

Look at how your old moving boxes can be transformed into a lookout post, a cat castle, a shelter, a scratching post, or a hide and seek game just by repurposing them.

There’s no doubt that it will give your pet hours of entertainment and you’ll enjoy watching it as well.

As an alternative to enduring the ‘brown’ box look, you can paint it some cool colours using non-toxic paints to make it match your interior design.


There are a number of reasons why moving boxes could be an excellent stationary solution for your home, office or even for your child’s homework desk at school.

Moving boxes can provide some creative ideas for organizing your home, from pen holders to inbox mail sections. You can even repurpose old moving boxes to make a customized notepad.

Give your moving boxes a new lease on life by sprucing them up with paint, materials, and DIY decorations. Besides providing a more personalized feel to your workspace, they will also enhance your productivity.



You can take an old box and make a summer sled in the park if you don’t have one, or even build a rocket ship. Your kids will have a blast making these cool ideas.

Encourage them to be a part of the process of creation as well. There are so many things you can create out of cardboard boxes, from guitars to rubbish bins to toilet rolls. Paint them with bright colours.

There are so many things you can create with a box in your imagination: Barbie doll castle, car games, cooking stove top, rocket ship, scientific projects.

Your children will enjoy hours of entertainment if you add materials and paint them to make the boxes look nice.


As a last resort, if all else fails and you just don’t have the energy for any more creative ideas, then what you can do is advocate a healthier environment and have the boxes recycled properly.

It is recommended that you contact your local council for information on the best way to dispose of these materials, or you can take them down the local tip.

Send the boxes to friends or family you know will be moving soon so they don’t have to worry about buying moving boxes and save them the hassle of having to spend money on them in the long run.

You can advertise them on Facebook and Gumtree so anyone who needs it can contact you easily.

Finally, dealing with leftover moving boxes does not have to be a chore. Consider utilizing them for creative and functional uses instead of tossing them away or letting them clutter up your area. The options are boundless, from crafts projects to storage solutions.

You can repurpose your old moving boxes into something unique and helpful, all while decreasing trash and saving money.

Therefore, before you throw those boxes, consider some of the innovative ideas we’ve given and see how you may put your leftover moving boxes to great use.

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