7 Tips To Follow Before The Movers Arrive

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Moving is a big decision and everyone wants to have a stress free and peaceful relocation. You cannot just wake up on the moving day and just like that Melbourne removalists will be there at your doorstep to take care of the moving process. You have to prepare everything before the movers arrive.

We have jotted down a few points that will help you to have a stress free move. Here, read on.

Declutter your home


The first step to follow is to declutter your home; sort out the belongings that you wish to take along with you and the rest can either be donated for charity or sold at a garage sale. Always remember that extra belongings will always be occupying a corner of your new address without use. Therefore, you can donate them and save on shipping costs and save some space in your new home.

Separate the things that the removalist will not move


There are certain things that the removalist will not move like plants, pets, perishable items and hazardous things like paint, charcoal, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals etc. In such cases, you can either give it to your neighbors or find a removalist who are specialized in dealing with these items or you can sell them.

Clean and organize your belongings


Before the movers arrive, make sure to clean and pack certain belongings in boxes. These items can be anything like fabrics, pieces of furniture, utensils etc. Leave the big items like beds, wardrobes etc for the Melbourne movers.

Another thing to remember is to unplug all electrical appliances like television, refrigerators etc. In the case of a refrigerator clean it before the removalist arrive. Also, empty drawers, cupboards, shelves and store those items in a box. This will help you to remember the items while unpacking in your new home and will also make it easier for the removalists to pack.

Put Labels and Color Codes

Pack separate important items in separate boxes like jewelry in a box and important documents in another. Mark each box with labels or color codes to find the items easily.

Measure the doors of the house

Measure the main entrance of your home and ensure that the large furniture easily moves through it. Also, make sure that these furniture can easily pass through the corridors, staircases and sharp turns without any obstacles. If there is anything that is blocking the way, move it.

Buy Insurance

Movers nowadays have insurance options for free, but for your own satisfaction, you can also buy an appropriate valuation protection plan. But, before investing in insurance, understand all the clauses and various liability protection offered by the chosen removalist.

Plan for kids and pets

If you have kids or pets at home, it is advisable to leave them with a neighbor or a relative. This is because you cannot afford chaos at the time of moving with them around. During the process of removal, you can be at peace that your pets and kids are with the right people who are taking care of them and you can fully concentrate on the relocation.

So, if you are planning a move, follow the above mentioned steps for a stress free move. Also, ensure that the weather is fine for relocation and finally double check everything before the movers arrive.

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