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Your quest for reliable removalists ends here! Move My Stuff is the relocation partner who understands you like none other! Since 2007, backed by a solid team and guided by our principles of honesty and integrity, we have successfully moved more than 1,08,000 customers.

As the highest-rated Removalists, we assure you competitive rates and an all-inclusive honest pricing structure. Entrust your move to us, sit back and relax, while our experts see to it that everything moves like clockwork. In addition to no hidden charges,, our team comes to your door equipped with all necessary tools and techniques to ensure a stress-free move. We specialize in furniture removals and accomplish it with effortless ease. Whatever the nature of your move, we go an extra mile to ensure complete peace of mind.

This feedback is truly the biggest compliment we could ask for as we value our customers opinions wholeheartedly in order to continue to exceed our client’s expectations. We actively listen and act immediately to any customer enquiry, complaint, or feedback. We always aim to turn any negative feelings or feedback around by providing a quick response and/or solution. Our customers matter and makes the difference of customers leaving positive/negative feedback as well spreading the word to family and friends.

Our staff recognize the high level of stress that can occur during the moving process and are trained to be able to give as much help as possible starting from the moment our customer’s contact us. Our Staff have the knowledge at hand to be able to provide an accurate quotation, helpful moving tips and advice on any situation that might arise during the moving process. If our customers have special needs or requirements, we work closely and quickly with the customer to find the best solution.

House moving is not the only place we excel in our moving service. Many businesses ranging from furniture stores to Interior Design companies rely on our service. When we deliver goods for a business, we are essentially becoming a face for that company as we deliver their goods into their customer’s home. It is a trust we do not take for granted and have created many long-standing relationships due to our exceptional moving service on a day to day basis.

Our moving company’s reputation reflects the excellent service we provide to our existing, current and new customers. Our service stands out, while providing cost efficient rates, including various discounts. And the best thing yet? We work 7 Days a week with flexible hours with around the clock service via telephone and email. We are ready to hear from you.

Our team of qualified removalists are available for everyone from any of the suburbs such as Altona RemovalistsFrankston RemovalistsBalwyn RemovalistsDandenong RemovalistsCranbourne RemovalistsHoppers Crossing Removalists and so on...

Our Services

House Removals

With thousands of homes moved in Victoria, our trained removalists carry all the experience to move your home!

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Truck & 2 Men (From $109)

Not only is our service professional, we offer great prices too! Contact us to know more about pricing.

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Man & Van (From $99)

Our van hire is an ideal service for moving a few items. Whether you are moving a small apartment or a large

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Office Moving

There can be a lot of difficulties in office moving. Backed by our expertise and experience, we aim to provide

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Business Deliveries

We deliver 7 days a week and provide furniture delivery services to several furniture stores in Melbourne region.

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Storage Solutions

We have developed a radical new approach to storage where a storage cage comes to your home.

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The Perfect Move starts with the Perfect Price

Live Price Estimator
Janet McLean

If I have to name the best moving company I have hired so far, that is going to be Move My Stuff. The staff people were brilliant. They just removed my worries. They collected my stuff from 3 different places and delivered them to my place within the time we scheduled. They even informed me about the estimated time of arrival. Everyone in the team was friendly, and I had no problem dealing with them. Now I know whom to call for any sort of delivery in the future. Thank you very much for the smooth service you have given me at such a reasonable price, that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Why choose Move My Stuff as your Furniture Removalists?

  • Proudly Australian Owned and Operated.
  • Operates 7 Days a week.
  • Team of Professional Furniture Removalists with 25 years of Experience.
  • Get a free no obligations quote within 24 hours.
  • We are covered by Public Liability Insurance.
  • Flexible Payment Options.

Our Moving Process

Contact us & Quotation
  • Contact us for price by filling out the form or call us 1300 907 911 or via facebook.
  • Harry will contact you within 30 minutes to take your requirements and ask questions about your move.
  • Once Harry has gathered enough information, our sales staff will then make the best suggestion regarding the following: truck size, pricing and general suggestions. Our staff will give you enough information to make an informed decision and to make you feel comfortable booking in a move with us on the spot.
  • We will confirm the date and time of the booking with you, take all your details on the spot and book them into our smart system. You can also make a tentative booking with no obligation or deposit needed, which will allow you to cancel with no extra cost as long as you give us 24 hours notice.
  • Once your booking is lodged, we ensure that you will receive a confirmation email and suggest that you do check it out to make sure all details are correct. You can also call us any time if you have a question or want to make changes to your booking.
  • Providing nothing changes on your end and we do not hear from you between booking and the move, our system will automatically send you a reminder email a day before the move.
Before Moving Day
  • In the lead up to your move, you will receive some emails that provide some information that will help prepare you for your big day. Seven days before, three days before and then finally, the day before.
  • We plan to be with you through the whole process to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.
Moving Day
  • Our movers will call you when they are 30 minutes away from arriving.
  • Our movers are experienced and have all the right equipment to help make the move as smooth as possible.
  • Our movers will professionally wrap your furniture and appliances to ensure they are safe for transit.
  • Our movers will load your items into the truck utilizing maximum space based on the kind of furniture and appliances you have.
  • Our movers will unload the goods into your home and into the specific rooms they need to go.
  • Our movers will get a signature from you at the end of the job and can now take payment easily on the spot on their phones.
After the move
  • You will receive a receipt for their payment.
  • We will send you a feedback email and will appreciate your feedback and future moves.
Our Vehicles
2T Van (From $99)
2 Movers - This option allows you to step back and let someone else do the work for you. No shame in that. The movers will get the job done at a speedy, safe pace while you sit in the director’s chair.
4T Truck and 8T Truck (From $119 and $139)
2 Mover - This is our standard team of removalists. They are quick, professional and have no problem getting the job done. 4 Movers - While getting an extra pair of movers obviously cost you a little extra up front, it actually saves you a bit in the long run as well. The more able bodied people working on your move the less time it takes to complete. It also allows for any of those extra heavy or awkward items to be moved with ease.

Our Happy Movers

  • Booking Experience: Good
  • Goods Handling: Good
  • Communication with Movers: Good
  • Overall Experience: Good
Very good, thank you. I will be in touch again when I move back.
Emma Tymms
  • Booking Experience: Fantastic
  • Goods Handling: Fantastic
  • Communication with Movers: Fantastic
  • Overall Experience: Fantastic
Lydia Bustin
  • Booking Experience: Fantastic
  • Goods Handling: Fantastic
  • Communication with Movers: Fantastic
  • Overall Experience: Fantastic
I decided to move over two weeks - for ease of settling in and setting up in my new location. Last week was move number one where the majority of my large furniture pieces were moved. My dining table and buffet unit proved a little challenging and another team was called to support this - and rightly so. Moving these pieces took more time and care. The team were helpful, considerate and worked hard to determine the best outcome for these difficult furniture pieces. The same commitment was given to reconnect these pieces at the new location. All-in-all, I was very happy with the service, the care provided and the ease of this move. Thank you. The next stage of my move takes place this Friday.
Jennie Mares
  • Booking Experience: Fantastic
  • Goods Handling: Fantastic
  • Communication with Movers: Fantastic
  • Overall Experience: Fantastic
Outstanding customer service right from the start! Highly recommended!
Nola Remmers
  • Booking Experience: Fantastic
  • Goods Handling: Fantastic
  • Communication with Movers: Fantastic
  • Overall Experience: Fantastic
I have been using - Move my Stuff for many years and have always been happy with your service. Especially the two guys that assistement me today, they were quick, curtiuos and very helpful. Many thanks, Regards, Nola Remmers
  • Booking Experience: Fantastic
  • Goods Handling: Fantastic
  • Communication with Movers: Fantastic
  • Overall Experience: Fantastic
Fantastic crew moving me 3.5 hours out of Melbourne. I had two, professional, courteous and very hard working men who made the moving experience stress free and without any issues. This has been my 3rd move using Move My Stuff, Highly recommend.
Janice McEwen
  • Booking Experience: Fantastic
  • Goods Handling: Fantastic
  • Communication with Movers: Fantastic
  • Overall Experience: Fantastic
Service was great and drivers were especially helpful and professional.
Greg Cavenagh
  • Booking Experience: Good
  • Goods Handling: Bad
  • Communication with Movers: Could be Better
  • Overall Experience: Could be Better
The drivers left with parts of my bed frame in the truck. Because of the time it took to get them back to us, we weren’t able to stay in our new home that night.
Some Useful Information

We are covered by Public Liability Insurance

Accidents happen. As a furniture removalist, we take the safety of your goods and your property very seriously. We take precautions, we come fully equipped with the right equipment and our movers are highly skilled and experience. That been said, accidents can still happen and the last thing you want is one more thing to stress about.
- A lot of insurance companies require that you use a professional removalist company. - Check to make sure removal company doesn’t automatically add on an insurance fee. - If your removalists does sell insurance, ask to see their "Product Disclosure Statement" and their "Financial Guidance Statement" If they cannot provide these you may want consider organising your own. - Check with your home and contents insurance as they may be able to provide you with Transit insurance. At Move My Stuff, all of our movers are covered by Public Liability Insurance. This means that your property (ie walls and floors etc) are covered automatically by insurance. In regards to Transit insurance, that is something that we don’t cover automatically. We realise that every move is different, every customer is different. Whether your goods hold high sentimental value or you have a very expensive items, it is hard to know about every single belonging. We are not insurance brokers and prefer to leave that up to the professionals in that field while we stick to ours.... moving your furniture.

Cancellation/Settlement times

It doesn’t matter how prepared or organised you are, sometimes things do come up. Settlements fall through, family emergencies happen, or maybe you decide you no longer want to buy the item you were looking at on eBay. The details don’t matter. The fact is that life is unpredictable and has that uncanny ability to leave you floundering. Does that mean that you should refrain from booking in your removalist until 100% certain? Absolutely not! You always have some options with us:
If you book in with us you can change the following: Vehicle size, Addresses, Start-Times, Dates You can cancel outright. (Give us at least 24hrs notice and there will be no cancellation charge) One very common reason for cancellation or changes in our bookings comes from settlement times. Being in this industry for as long as we have, we are very aware that settlement times do not always make it easy when trying to book in your removalist. It leaves people frustrated and stressed out. What we aim to do is to relieve that frustration and stress by being flexible and working with you to find the answer. Let us know about your settlement time issues and we can be flexible. If your settlement time or day does fall through, let us know and we’ll put you’re booking on hold or change it entirely for you. We work to make sure you do not miss out on the time and date that you need. We are here to work for YOU. If things change, we can change your booking. We give you the opportunity to book in your move even if you aren’t sure of the details. This ensures you that you won’t miss out. Your booking with us is 100% confirmed unless YOU tell us differently. Flexibility is our speciality.

Tip/Waste Station/Charity Donation

It’s not uncommon to find yourself with unwanted furniture items. The longer you live in one spot the more items you accumulate. Moving is the perfect time to rid yourself of excess baggage and give yourself a fresh start. Or maybe you’ve bought new furniture and have nowhere to put your old furniture. Whatever the reason, we can certainly be called upon to get rid of your goods for you.
We do have some handy hints for you before you contact a removalist: Find out where the closest tip to you is. Call them and find out how much they will charge for each item you want to dispose of. A question we receive a lot in regards to disposing of goods is "How do I pay?" As we require payment at the end of the job, there are a few options for you. Follow us to the tip to pay tip charges yourself and the removalists. If you don’t have your own transportation you can go with the movers but please keep in mind the hourly rate finishes where they finish so if you want a ride back that would be calculated on the hourly rate. Pay via credit card, that way you don’t have to be at the end of the job at all. Before you think about throwing out your old furniture, have a look at its quality and functionality. Is it still useable? In some cases you might want to consider re-homing your old furniture instead. Many charitable organisations would be happy to accept donations, giving your items a second chance at life. They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Here’s a list of reputed charities where you can donate furniture in Melbourne to them.

Check Your Removalists has the Right Equipment

The task of home or furniture moving takes more than just hiring some movers and a truck. There are several factors that need to be considered that often only a professional with industry knowledge can understand. If your removalist is not equipped with the required tools and techniques it is quite possible that your furniture and/or proper is at risk of damage. Always make sure that your chosen removalist comes with the experience and know-how needed to perform a secure and economical move.
You can rest assured that our movers come fully equipped with moving blankets, shrink wrap, straps, trolley, electric drill and basic tools.
Any question? Read our FAQs.
How long removal jobs generally take?
That is a good question. As you can imagine each move is unique and different from each other. It can depend on things like where the truck can park, what access is like at the property, whether any stairs are involved, whether the goods are ready to go when we arrive etc. That said, depending on those circumstances on a rough average a full load in a 4T Truck can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. But that is just a rough estimate and it will depend on the circumstances on the day. The 8T Truck average is generally between 4-6 hours and 10T Truck can range anywhere between 6-8 hours.
Are there any time slots or job start time?
8T Truck's are always between 7-9am or between 1-3pm. If you are looking for a more specific time then we can narrow that down to a 1 hour window, between 7-8am or between 8-9am and our driver can give you a call when they are half an hour away.
4T Truck’s are a little more flexible. The start times range from between 7-9am, between 10am-12.30pm, between 1-3pm or between 3-5pm.
Do we have insurance?
All of our movers are covered with public liability insurance. This means that if any damage were to happen to the walls or floors, it is automatically covered by insurance. In regards to the goods, if any damage is made through our own handling and negligence then we would get it fixed or replaced for you.
Can I ride in the truck?
Most of our trucks have 3 seats. If requested, we can arrange a spot for one person only to sit in the truck with the removalists. Give us a call for more information 1300 907 911
Are the movers experienced?
All of our movers are trained and experienced and come fully equipped with blankets, straps, trolley and tools.
How do I Pay?
Payment can be paid either by cash or card at the end of the job with a 3% surcharge charged by the bank.
Can I have only 1 mover or just a van?
Unfortunately the smallest option we have available is a 4T Truck and all of our Trucks automatically come with 2 movers. We do not have an option for one mover. However if you lend a hand to our Melbourne Removalists, it will save you time and money.
Does the move come with boxes or can I buy boxes.
Unfortunately we do not have packing supplies. You can source boxes from any local storage place.
Can my pet travel in the truck?
If it is a cat or a small animal and it can be in a pet carrier in their lap? That is fine. But pets cannot be put into the back of Truck as it is not safe for the animal.
I’m no longer going to be at the premises; can I pay by credit card over the phone?
You can but in order to do so we need you to fill out and sign a credit card authority form and send it back to us before the date of the move (or straight away if it is an immediate job). If you cannot sign the form, please give us a call on 1300 907 911 and we will take your details over the phone.
How big is the truck?
4T Truck (19 Cubic Meters): 4.2mL x 1.05mW x 2.2m H: Height Clearance: 3.3m H
8T Truck (38 Cubic Meters): 6.4mL x 2.4mW x 2.5mH: Height Clearance: 3.6m H
10T Truck (46 Cubic Meters): 7.0mL x 2.4mW x 2.7mH: Height Clearance: 3.8m H
Truck Capacities
4T TRUCK: Anything lower than a basic 1-bedroom apartment. 1 bedroom apartment A Basic 2 bedroom apartment with only 1-2 people living in it.
8T TRUCK: 2 bedroom house + Study, 2 bedroom house +more than 2-3 people living, 2 Bedroom House + Garage or Outdoor furniture., 3 Bedroom house (standard furniture) maybe 3-4 people living there
10 TRUCK: 3 bedroom house + Garage or Outdoor Furniture, 3 bedroom house + Study, 3 bedroom house + 2 living areas, 4 bedroom house etc
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