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Move My Stuff - a Customer Satisfaction Melbourne Moving Company

Move My Stuff is always dedicated to deliver excellent customer service experience. Our Movers in Melbourne go an extra mile to bring the top quality services to our customers. To ensure complete satisfaction, we provide our customers the best possible experience which they can get. Customer’s satisfaction is our greatest strength and we always stick to our motto. Our removalists in Melbourne are always inspired to achieve this goal. We follow our moral obligation and ensure that 99% of the customers, who come to us, get their work done with complete peace of mind. Also, our happy customers recommend us to their family and friends.

We appreciate feedback as we truly value our customers’ opinions, so that we can continue to exceed our clients’ expectations. Word of mouth has truly proven to be one of our successful sources of advertising as a lot of referrals have been from many of our happy customers. We listen and act immediately to any customer enquiry, complaint, feedback to change their attitude and provide a quick response and/or solution. This makes the difference of customers leaving positive/negative feedback as well spreading the word to family and friends.

Our staffs recognizes the high levels of stress during the moving process, so we aim to minimize any form of stress by providing an accurate quotation, helpful tips and advice to alternative options should customers have special requests or needs.

Our moving company reputation reflects our excellence in service to our existing, current and new customers. Our services stand out as we provide cost efficient rates including discounts to move 7 days a week with flexible hours and the convenience of around-the-clock service via telephone or email.

We provide services for a vast number of businesses’ ranging from Furniture stores to Interior design companies. We strive to ensure our businesses’ and their customers are met with professional, convenient and friendly services on a day-to-day basis. Referrals also come from our business deliveries which produces more growth within our moving company.

House Removals & Apartment Moving

With thousands of homes moved in Victoria, our trained removalists carry all the experience to move your home! We email free quote within 1 business day.
Check out our Volume Calculator to estimate total volume of your items.

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Truck & 2 Men from only $110/hour

Not only our service is professional, we offer great prices too! Our prices start from only $110/hour for a Truck & 2 Men.
Our coverage area is Melbourne metro, greater Melbourne region and country Victoria. We also offer office moving services carried out by expert removalists.

Our Prices

Large Van hire from only $99/hour

Our van hire is an ideal service for moving a few items. Whether you are moving a small apartment or a large house, we offer different size of trucks to meet your requirements.

Our Services

No depot fee & free shrinkwrap service!

No depot fee, no callout charges and no fuel charges! We provide free shrink wrap service to protect your fragile items and all our trucks and vans are fully equipped with blankets, trolleys & power tools.

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Business Deliveries

We deliver 7 days a week and provide furniture delivery service to several furniture stores in Melbourne region. We offer flexible delivery runs to suit your business requirement and all our trucks come with 2 professional removalists and are equipped with necessary tools for furniture assembly.

Business Deliveries

Storage Solutions

We have developed a radical new approach to storage where a storage cage comes to your home. This service is not only affordable but also saves double handling of your items. Check out our storage services!
We look forward to helping you with your next move, feel free to contact us for all your moving requirements!

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Van & Man Hire

From moving few items to small apartments

House Moving

Truck and Men hire for moving houses or bigger items


Storage solutions

Business & Commercial Deliveries

Customized delivery schedule based on your requirements

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Refer a friend

Volume Calculator

Estimate approximate volume of your items

How many removalists should you book?

Deciding how many movers you need for a move can be essential in living up to your expectations. No move is exactly the same as the last. Varying conditions can determine how many removalists you need to employ through your moving company.

  • The size and weight of the item
  • How many items you are moving
  • Whether you can provide help to the driver
  • The size of the move
  • The obstacles faced in the move (balconies/awkward stairwells etc)

Here at Move My Stuff, we have a range of different options. If the standard move doesn’t suit your needs then you have an option to change it up.

2T Van

2 Movers - This option is perfect if you are moving small and light items or if you are capable of giving the mover a hand at both ends of the move.

2 Movers- This option allows you to step back and let someone else do the work for you. No shame in that. The movers will get the job done at a speedy, safe pace while you sit in the director’s chair.

4T Truck and 6T Truck

2 Movers – This is our standard team of removalists. They are quick, professional and have no problem getting the job done.

4 Movers – While getting an extra pair of movers obviously cost you a little extra up front, it actually saves you a bit in the long run as well. The more able bodied people working on your move the less time it takes to complete. It also allows for any of those extra heavy or awkward items to be moved with ease.

Check Your Melbourne Removalists Company has the Right Equipment

The task of home or furniture move is not just about hiring few removalists and the vehicle. You need to be aware of several factors which only a professional, who has industry knowledge, can understand. If your removalist in Melbourne is not equipped with required tools and techniques, it is a risky affair to move which shall damage the furniture and there is a risk to the property also. So, ensure if the removalist whom you have hired for house removing, is well trained and can perform a secure and economical move.

You can rest assured that our movers come fully equipped with

  • Moving Blankets

  • Shrink Wrap

  • Straps

  • Trolley

  • Electric Drill

  • Basic tools

We are covered by Public Liability Insurance

Accidents happen. As a Melbourne based furniture removalist company, we take the safety of your goods and your property very seriously. We take precautions, we come fully equipped with the right equipment and our movers are highly skilled and experience. That been said, accidents can still happen and the last thing you want is one more thing to stress about.

There are a few things to think about when trying to organise transit insurance:

  • A lot of insurance companies require that you use a professional removalist company.
  • Check to make sure removal company doesn’t automatically add on an insurance fee.
  • If your removalists does sell insurance, ask to see their "Product Disclosure Statement" and their "Financial Guidance Statement" If they cannot provide these you may want consider organising your own.
  • Check with your home and contents insurance as they may be able to provide you with Transit insurance.
  • If something goes wrong on the day of the move, contact your removal company and insurance company straight away.

At Move My Stuff, all of our movers are covered by Public Liability Insurance. This means that your property (ie walls and floors etc) are covered automatically by insurance. In regards to Transit insurance, that is something that we don’t cover automatically. We realise that every move is different, every customer is different. Whether your goods hold high sentimental value or you have a very expensive piece, it is hard to know about every single piece. We are no insurance brokers and prefer to leave that up to the professionals in that field while we stick to ours.... moving your furniture.

We can however recommend some Insurance Companies for you.

For reasonable, on the spot quotes you can check out …

  • Removalsinsurance.com.au (Allianz)
  • Insuremymove.com.au (Associated Marine)

Cancellation/Settlement times

It doesn’t matter how prepared or organised you are, sometimes things do come up. Settlements fall through, family emergencies happen, or maybe you decide you no longer want to buy the item you were looking at on eBay. The details don’t matter. The fact is that life is unpredictable and has that uncanny ability to leave you floundering. Does that mean that you should refrain from booking in your removalist until 100% certain? Absolutely not! You always have some options with us:

If you book in with us you can change the following:

  • Vehicle size
  • Addresses
  • Start-Times
  • Dates
  • You can cancel outright. (Give us at least 24hrs notice and there will be no cancellation charge)

One very common reason for cancellation or changes in our bookings comes from settlement times. Being in this industry for as long as we have, we are very aware that settlement times do not always make it easy when trying to book in your removalist. It leaves people frustrated and stressed out. What we aim to do is to relieve that frustration and stress by being flexible and working with you to find the answer.

Let us know about your settlement time issues and we can be flexible. If your settlement time or day does fall through, let us know and we’ll put you’re booking on hold or change it entirely for you. We work to make sure you do not miss out on the time and date that you need. We are here to work for YOU.

If things change, we can change your booking. We give you the opportunity to book in your move even if you aren’t sure of the details. This ensures you that you won’t miss out. Your booking with us is 100% confirmed unless YOU tell us differently. Flexibility is our speciality.

Tip/Waste Station/Charity Donation

It’s not uncommon to find yourself with unwanted furniture items. The longer you live in one spot the more items you accumulate. Moving is the perfect time to rid yourself of excess baggage and give yourself a fresh start. Or maybe you’ve bought new furniture and have nowhere to put your old furniture. Whatever the reason, we can certainly be called upon to get rid of your goods for you.

We do have some handy hints for you before you contact a removalist:

  • Find out where the closest tip to you is.
  • Call them and find out how much they will charge for each item you want to dispose of.

A question we receive a lot in regards to disposing of goods is "How do I pay?" As we require payment at the end of the job, there are a few options for you.

  • Follow us to the tip to pay tip charges yourself and the removalists.
  • If you don’t have your own transportation you can go with the movers but please keep in mind the hourly rate finishes where they finish so if you want a ride back that would be calculated on the hourly rate.
  • Pay via credit card, that way you don’t have to be at the end of the job at all.

Before you think about throwing out your old furniture, have a look at its quality and functionality. Is it still useable? In some cases you might want to consider re-homing your old furniture instead. Many charitable organisations would be happy to accept donations, giving your items a second chance at life. They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Charities for you to consider:

It is highly recommended for you to call the charity you choose to donate to in order to make sure they will accept the item you are looking to dispose of. This insures there is no wasted time or money for anyone.

Some Useful Information

How long removal jobs generally take?

That is a good question. As you can imagine each move is unique and different from each other. It can depend on things like where the truck can park, what access is like at the property, whether any stairs are involved, whether the goods are ready to go when we arrive etc. That said, depending on those circumstances on a rough average a full load in a 4T Truck can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. But that is just a rough estimate and it will depend on the circumstances on the day. The 6T Truck average is generally between 4-6 hours and 10T Truck can range anywhere between 6-8 hours.

Are there any time slots or job start time?

6T Truck's are always between 7-9am or between 1-3pm. If you are looking for a more specific time then we can narrow that down to a 1 hour window, between 7-8am or between 8-9am and our driver can give you a call when they are half an hour away.

4T Truck’s are a little more flexible. The start times range from between 7-9am, between 10am-12.30pm, between 1-3pm or between 3-5pm.

Do we have insurance?

All of our movers are covered with public liability insurance. This means that if any damage were to happen to the walls or floors, it is automatically covered by insurance. In regards to the goods, if any damage is made through our own handling and negligence then we would get it fixed or replaced for you.

Can I ride in the truck?

Most of our trucks have 3 seats. If requested, we can arrange a spot for one person only to sit in the truck with the removalists. Give us a call for more information 1300 907 911

Are the movers experienced?

All of our movers are trained and experienced and come fully equipped with blankets, straps, trolley and tools.

How do I Pay?

Payment can be paid either by cash or card at the end of the job with a 3% surcharge charged by the bank.

Can I have only 1 mover or just a van?

Unfortunately the smallest option we have available is a 4T Truck and all of our Trucks automatically come with 2 movers. We do not have an option for one mover. However if you lend a hand to our Melbourne Removalists, it will save you time and money.

Does the move come with boxes or can I buy boxes.

Unfortunately we do not have packing supplies. You can source boxes from any local storage place.

Can my pet travel in the truck?

If it is a cat or a small animal and it can be in a pet carrier in their lap? That is fine. But pets cannot be put into the back of Truck as it is not safe for the animal.

I’m no longer going to be at the premises; can I pay by credit card over the phone?

You can but in order to do so we need you to fill out and sign a credit card authority form and send it back to us before the date of the move (or straight away if it is an immediate job). If you cannot sign the form, please give us a call on 1300 907 911 and we will take your details over the phone.

How big is the truck?

4T Truck (19 Cubic Meters): 4.2mL x 1.05mW x 2.2m H

Height Clearance: 3.3m H

6T Truck (38 Cubic Meters): 6.4mL x 2.4mW x 2.5mH

Height Clearance: 3.6m H

10T Truck (46 Cubic Meters): 7.0mL x 2.4mW x 2.7mH

Height Clearance: 3.8m H

Truck Capacities


Anything lower than a basic 1-bedroom apartment.
1 bedroom apartment
A Basic 2 bedroom apartment with only 1-2 people living in it.


2 bedroom house + Study
2 bedroom house +more than 2-3 people living
2 Bedroom House + Garage or Outdoor furniture.
3 Bedroom house (standard furniture) maybe 3-4 people living there


3 bedroom house + Garage or Outdoor Furniture
3 bedroom house + Study
3 bedroom house + 2 living areas
4 bedroom house etc


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