How to transport a pool table safely?

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How to transport a pool table safely

To the people who have tried shifting the pool table even by an inch, you guys will know how tough it is.

A pool table weighs almost five times the weight of a human.

A pool table is a huge investment and any damage done to it during the move can cost a lot.

Therefore, it is important to know how to transport the pool table.

There are three stages of transporting a pool table safely; dismantling the table, moving it, and reassembling it.


If you are planning to transport the pool table in its while form, it will occupy the whole moving truck, which is not feasible. Therefore, you need to dismantle it.

  1. Start by removing the corners and side pockets. You can do so merely with a screwdriver and a staple remover. Wear goggles while dismantling to avoid injuries.
  2. Next comes the rails. With the help of a socket wrench, remove the bolts that hold the rails.
  3. Take off the felts to ensure safety when transporting the pool table. Take out the staples carefully and fold it well to avoid any wrinkles. Pull the felt backwards cautiously if the felt is glued to the tabled and not stapled.
  4. Slate is the heaviest piece on the table, and hence you need extra hands to unscrew it. Moreover, make sure that the floor is prepared when moving the slate so you can easily pack it once it’s removed. Prepare the floor by laying out large protective coverings such as the moving blanket. Once done, start removing the slate by using the power drill to take out the screws around the edge of the pool table. The slate is quite fragile, so you need to be careful here. Don’t forget to label each piece.
  5. Flip the table and start removing the table legs by unscrewing each leg carefully and belling them respectively.


You need to label the pieces as soon as you dismantle it. This is crucial as it helps during the reassembling process. The label specifically stating which part of the table it belongs to. It is advisable to click pictures at every stage of the dismantling process as it will give you a visual guide.


Wrap each piece of the table well and move it carefully, especially the slate. It is very heavy, and you need to move one piece of slate at a time, as even a chip in any of the slates might require replacement of them all. The other items of the table such as the balls, cues, chalk also need equal attention to that given to the slate, felt, frames and table legs.


Reassembling is easy if you have labelled every piece and clicked pictures of the dismasting process. You just need to reverse the above steps paying extra attention to the slates and legs.

This is how you can transport a pool table without damaging it.

But it is advisable to hire professionals to transport the pool table rather than doing it yourself as they are trained and know how to transport it without damaging the table or themselves.

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