How much does it cost to move a 4-bedroom house in 2024?

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Moving house is often an extremely tiring, stressful, and expensive experience. Here also moving larger houses is more complicated and costlier than moving smaller ones over the same long distance. Hiring the services of professional removalist companies is the best option to move a 4-bedroom house or even smaller houses. However, most people avoid hiring a moving company as they are not sure of the exact costs of the process. The important thing to understand here is that the costs in the free quote offered by moving companies vary depending on many factors and individual circumstances.

Factors Impacting Moving Costs

Every house is unique and moving it to a new place efficiently requires proper planning. The most important question that people making the move want to be answered in this context is how much it will cost them. As mentioned before the actual moving expenses vary from one household to another, however, the main factors that impact the average costs include the following:

Size Of The House

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When moving a house, its size plays an important role in deciding the overall cost of this time-consuming process. Moreover, the fort required to move a 4-bedroom house is significantly greater than that required for moving a smaller house. So, it is only natural for professional removalist companies and house movers to enquire about the size of the house at the very start of the process. This provides them with a clear understanding about the number and type of resources and specialist equipment they need to allocate to the project. Suppose you’re planning a house move in Sydney, it’s wise to seek a free quote from Sydney removalists. By providing details about your 4-bedroom house, they can accurately estimate the cost, enabling you to make an informed decision about their services. This ensures transparency and helps you plan accordingly for a seamless move.

Volume Of Belongings

The overall volume of the belongings that need to be moved also impacts the house’s moving costs. The volume depends on several factors including the type and size of the furniture, the number of appliances, and the total amount of stuff owned by the people making the move. The volume of belongings of a four-bedroom house helps to determine the size of the moving truck that will be used, whether a small or a large truck, which, in turn, affects the amount that removalists charge.

Many times, moving large houses with a lower volume of belongings may cost lesser than moving small apartments with a huge volume of belongings as the latter requires a larger truck. For instance, if your family home has pool tables, a small lift, and limited access points, the better idea for local moves of even the four-bedroom home is to hire the services of a moving company.

Distance To Be Covered

The distance that needs to be covered for moving a house from its original destination to a new house is another key criterion for determining the costs. That is why the expenses of interstate relocation of a small house is often higher than the cost to move a 4-bedroom house locally.

Moving interstate involves the payment of road tolls, fuel costs, and overnight journeys, which increase the overall costs. That is why most professional removalists offer a package deal with a flat fee for an interstate move and charge their clients on an hourly basis for moving locally.

Services Being Sought

Another important aspect impacting the cost of moving a house is the services being sought by the people making the move. Most professional removalists offer a wide range of special services to their clients including packing services and unpacking services, providing the right packing materials, access to storage units, and even setting up utility services in the new location. The cost of moving a house varies according to which of the aforementioned services people choose to avail from the removalist company of their choice.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a 4-Bedroom House Locally?

The cost to move a 4-bedroom house locally is different across the different cities in Australia. In most such cases, the removalist charges the clients at an hourly rate starting from $135. Since 4-bedroom houses are fairly large, many removalists employ 5 movers and it may take anywhere between two to four hours for completing the process. Moving small houses requires two movers or three movers and takes far lesser time. So, the overall average cost of the local move for a 4-bedroom house may be between $2200 to $3150.

It is still advisable to verify the hourly rate of removal companies before handling the responsibility of transporting all your belongings to the local movers. The price guide of removal companies is readily available on their website, it is best to compare the costs of the companies that long carry in case you are planning to shift far interstate.

What Is The Average Cost Of Moving A 4-Bedroom House Interstate?

Moving a four-bedroom house is often more complicated and time-consuming and hence costs more. The cost of moving house interstate also varies according to the distance between the state of origin and the destination state. In general, the average cost of an interstate move ranges between $2200 and $6000 for a 4-bedroom home. The actual cost varies according to the services sought by the clients, the content insurance provided, the need for storage facilities, and the time required for transporting the goods.

What is the cheapest way to move a household?

Most people, who need to move to a 4-bedroom house or even a smaller house, seek ways to reduce the cost of the process. However, rather than hiring the services of cheap removalist companies to save money and risking damaging their goods, following the below-given tips can prove beneficial in this context.

Get rid of slow things

People making the move should get rid of any unwanted or unused items before initiating the moving process. They should either donate these items or organize a garage sale to get rid of the things and reduce the cost of moving.

Be cautious of asking for extra services

People should avoid seeking any special services from professionals for the four-bedroom move. This is because all extra services offered by long-distance movers increase the moving cost.


They should opt to pack and unpack their stuff themselves while seeking the help of their family members and friends. However, the expert packing and unpacking of bulkier and sophisticated items as well as complex furniture assembly should be left to professionals.

Plan the move

It is advisable to give enough time to the providers of removal services providers to plan for the move without rushing them into the process. It is also important to avoid planning the move on a holiday or a weekend as the removalists are mostly busy at these times and hence tend to charge more.

Spend judiciously on packing supplies

Investing in second-hand packing supplies like cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, rather than buying new ones can also help to reduce the total cost of the process. Such boxes can be easily obtained from local grocery and hardware stores or even dorms and office supplies providers.

Summing Up

To move a 4-bedroom house is not an easy or inexpensive task even if it needs to be done locally. However, by following the above tips people can plan the move more effectively at no extra costs while ensuring the transportation of their goods with proper care.

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