Everything About Donating Furniture in Melbourne

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Everything About Donating Furniture in Melbourne

Got a few furniture pieces you would like to donate? Or, moving to a new place and wishing to donate all your existing furniture? Whatever your reasoning behind donating furniture to a charity, it is a noble initiative.

Your generous contribution will help make someone’s life better. So, how do you donate furniture in Melbourne? What you need to do?

Let’s discuss it all in detail.

Why is donating furniture in Melbourne a good idea?

Furniture Donation

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Your pre-loved goods deserve a home where they’ll be loved again and would make someone’s life comfortable. But that’s not the only reason to donate.

Discarded furniture often lands up in landfilling, which is a big environmental hazard.

Even if we leave the fact about land pollution aside, landfilling releases toxic gas into the environment.

Melbourne already has a landfilling problem gearing its ugly head up. It’s projected to reach 20 million tonnes a year.

Your little extra effort can help the environment.

Where to donate furniture in Melbourne?

Here’s a list of reputed charities in Melbourne. You can donate your furniture to them.

1. St Kilda Mums

Baby items and maternal goods hold a special emotional value. Having them end up in landfills just doesn’t sit right with many of us. These preloved items baby and children’s items can help families in need provide a reasonably better life to their kid(s). If you have preowned baby/children’s and maternity items, you can donate them to St Kilda Mums charity. This grassroots collective collaborates with local service agencies like Maternal Health Nurses. You can find the complete list of items they accept as donations on their website.

2. West Welcome Wagon

This Melbourne-based charity supports over 500 asylum seeker households every year. Since this non-profit is based in western Melbourne, they provide pickup services for people living in this area. If you are a resident of any of the Western municipalities of Melbourne, you can simply call West Welcome Wagon to book a pick up service for donating items like big furniture pieces (bed, drawers, dining tables), whitegoods, and even smaller items such as clothing. Email them at donate@westwelcomewagon.org.au with complete details of your intended donations to organize a delivery.


GIVIT makes it easy for you to donate furniture items to the right people. Their online platform lists reputed charities, where they list what all items they need. It is easy for you to browse the listing to find the right recipient. Recipients put up a short note about why they need a particular item explaining their situation. You will be connected with the charity by email and the latter will make arrangements for the recipient to receive furniture donation with discretion.

4. Brotherhood of St Laurence

This Melbourne-based organization is committed to assisting the disadvantaged and improving quality of their lives. Brotherhood of St Laurence is a renowned charity established during the Great Depression era of the 1930s. You can donate electronics, furniture, books, homeware, clothing, and whitegoods to them. Making a donation to them is pretty simple. You need to phone 1300 DONATE (1300 366 283) or drop your donation at any of their store locations.

5. Sacred Heart Mission

You can help disadvantaged members of society rebuild their lives by supporting this non-profit organization. Set up in the year 1982, this charity relies heavily on community support. Generous donations from people like you empowers Sacred Heart Mission to turn around the lives of disadvantaged people. You can volunteer with them, contribute through donations, support through advocacy, or offer meals. This organization provides you with a number of options to help. You only need the intent, willingness, and the means to help. You can donate preowned homeware, clothing, and furniture via their free collection service. To book a pickup, you need to call them on 03 8658 1698. They are available throughout the week between 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM.

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