How to Label Your Moving Boxes?

01 January 2022 Contributed by: admin

Label your moving boxes. You would be surprised how easy it is to misplace things when you have moving boxes strewn like wild throughout your home.

The last thing that you want to happen is to get to your new residence and not have all the boxes labelled. Aside from relocating, you also want to make sure that nothing gets lost or tossed away by mistake.

Labelling your moving boxes will come in handy when it comes time to pack the truck. You will be more organized and will not have to bother about what is inside each box.

It is just as important to label your moving boxes as it is to store them carefully while they await the big day.

Marking your shifting boxes will make your transition a lot less stressful. We have some quick and simple tips for you that will help you get the job done quickly and effectively.

Are you ready to find out how?

Let's see what things should you keep in mind when labelling the packing boxes.

Steps to Label Your Moving Boxes


1. Grab labelling tools


Collect some labelling tools for marking the boxes. The basic requirements being markers, labels and tapes, preferably coloured.

Some quality markers are the first thing you need to label. Consider buying permanent markers which are waterproof to prevent them from getting washed away.

Also, make sure you have 4 or 5 different colours to distinguish the nature of your packed stuff.

Another tool you need is stickable labels. The labels have the rooms specified on it already. You simply need to mention the content of the box.

They are available on online sites or local shops. To make the relocation process a little fun for your kids or yourself, you can create the labels yourself provided you have enough time and energy.

Lastly, you will need coloured and transparent tapes. Coloured tapes make the box identification easy while you can use transparent tape to stick any labels you created yourself.

Now, let us jump to the step where you will learn how to use the colour coding system.

2. Implement colour coding

It is a simple yet effective technique to label your moving boxes. This coding system ascertains that every container reaches its desired location.

The concept is to choose a colour for a room and mark all the cartons carrying stuff of the room with the chosen colour.

For instance, you choose a green colour for the kitchen. Now mark and label all the moving boxes with kitchen stuff in green, that is, write KITCHEN in green colour.

To avoid confusion, paste the same coloured paper on the doors of the respective rooms of your new home. For example, paste a green paper on the kitchen door.

This way, the professional movers will be at ease to differentiate and keep the cartons in specified rooms, sparing you from reshifting the boxes from one room to other.

Tips to Label Your Packing Boxes


With no hard and fast rules for labelling the shifting boxes but the move becomes a little easy if you label well.

Although it is a personal choice, here are a few tips and hacks to help you with the process.

  • Label at least the top and two sides of the carton to make sure it is easily visible among all stacked
  • Mark the box with delicate items as FRAGILE or HANDLE WITH CARE instruction in yellow, black and red words.
  • Use good quality tapes so that they do not fall off when wet or
  • Mark the moving boxes just when you pack and seal it. If you postpone, you may forget about which carton contains what
  • If you are using second-hand cartons, they may have labels stuck on them paste your labels just above them to make sure the writings do not collide.

When considering moving to a new place, first you have to think about the process of packing and unpacking. And this takes some time.

Fortunately, all that work can now be done by professional movers. They can handle the boxes in the same manner as you would have and you can focus on other necessary tasks at home, including labelling your moving boxes.

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