Role Of A Relocation Consultant In An Interstate Move

23 August 2022 Contributed by: admin

Relocating to a new state is often a life-changing decision with long-term financial and emotional consequences. For most families, the very thought of leaving behind their community and friends to build a new home and life in an unfamiliar destination can be quite frightening.

Moreover, the stress of finding the perfect house in the right location, packing and unpacking the goods, arranging for their safe transportation, and making various related decisions can prove to be mentally and physically exhausting. It can overwhelm them emotionally and mentally and make their move to the new location even more difficult.

That is why an increasing number of people are seeking the services of relocation consultants to make their interstate move relatively stress-free.

Learning More About Relocation Consultants


A relocation consultant can be defined as an expert capable of offering reliable advice and addressing the concerns of people who need to relocate. These relocation specialists work closely with the clients to explain the different aspects of moving to a new state in Australia.

They answer the questions of the clients, offer advice on packing and logistics, and recommend relevant professionals to make the process smooth and hassle-free.

Most expert relocation consultants involve themselves with every step of the move and help the clients save time and money while relocating.  Even though relocation consultants are traditionally used by people or companies making a move due to work commitments, their services can be hired by almost anyone seeking support while relocating to a new place.

The important thing to remember here is that skilled experts can charge an extremely high fee for their services.

How Relocation Consultants Help


As mentioned before, a relocation consultant helps to make relocation easier for corporate and individual clients. These consultants are committed to ensuring the best customer experience by helping a company or individual clients with the following aspects of moving.

  • They hold extensive communication sessions with the clients to understand their specific requirements and the kind of support they seek. Clients can contact them to get answers to their questions about almost anything related to moving to a new place.
  • They provide reliable advice about the kind of property and location that would work best for the clients in the new location as per their budget and lifestyle. This makes the process of a home search easier for the clients besides enabling them to settle in faster.
  • They use their extensive professional links with local real estate agents in almost every major Australian city including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth to provide the latest rental listings available both on and off the market to their clients. When in Sydney, don't hesitate to reach out to removalists in Sydney for assistance, and likewise, consider Melbourne removalists if you're in Melbourne. These professional services offer free quotes, allowing you to assess whether their offerings align with your needs and make an informed decision that suits your requirements.
  • They offer suggestions about the best relocation agents to contact and the most cost-effective packages to opt for as per the client's needs. They even offer advice about the best ways to reduce costs, maximize the comfort of the family, and about managing the different aspects of relocation with great efficiency.
  • A skilled relocation specialist can also help clients with the completion of paperwork related to property rental, logistics management, and any other deal that is a part of the relocation process. These professionals can even arrange for clients to fill out rental applications and other forms without having to make frequent trips to the destination.
  • Seeking the services of a relocation consultant can help clients save considerable time, which they can use to wrap up their job responsibilities in the current location or join their friends for some fun time.
  • They also offer assistance in the search for the best schools for children in the new location. Clients can also rely on their expertise about how to start life afresh with new friends and colleagues.

Things To Look For In A Reliable Relocation Consultant


Finding a reliable consultant for relocation services may not be as difficult as it seems. In most cases, such a consultant is under the employment of a renowned relocation company, although a handful of them choose to work independently. Some important factors for clients to consider for choosing a reliable relocation consultant include the following.

Consider Their Experience:

Since relocation consultants are supposed to be experts in the field, it is important to verify that they have the right experience. Most such professionals spent years working as a relocation agent or handling the specific aspects of the moving services before taking up the job of a consultant. The experience they gain and the networks they establish during their work play a critical role in ensuring their success as a consultant.

Ease Of Contact:

A professional relocation consultant should be easily reachable to the clients 24*& at least until they settle down in their new location. Clients should steer clear of consultants who have a reputation for making the initial contact and then delegating the tasks to their assistants. Consultants, who are personally involved, ensure better value for money for the clients as they manage things more efficiently and effectively.

Verify The Cost Of Service:

Most skilled relocation consultants come at a high price and verifying the cost of their services beforehand is highly recommended. Some consultants may seek advance payments for their services while others may charge an additional price for destination services. Obtaining these details before hiring the consultants can reduce the stress for clients and ensure that they come out satisfied at the other end.

Summing Up

From getting the right rental property to arranging the best logistics for secure transportation of goods, a relocation consultant can make an interstate move relatively easier and more convenient besides helping clients save valuable time and money.


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