10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire A Cheap Removalist

11 February 2022 Contributed by: admin

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1. Are They a Certified Company?


Any person with a truck can claim to be a removalist, but are they certified?

Imagine settling on a moving company, organising everything around that moving day.

Maybe you’ve even paid a deposit.

Imagine the morning of the move, your removalist never actually shows up.

Suddenly you find yourself needing to find a new company on the spot, rescheduling all your other moving appointments, potentially having to think about having to pay to store your items and find accommodation.

Suddenly what you thought was the cheapest moving option becomes a very expensive decision.

Choosing a slightly more expensive removalist helps you avoid this nightmare.

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2. Hidden Extra Costs


When searching for the cheapest removalist it’s advisable to consider the factors that the quote consists of.

Why is that quote so cheap?

Has the quote included all the little extras you’ll need to complete the move?

Does the quote include those extra fees that are often hidden until you’re charged for them on the day?

When gathering a quote consider whether it includes things like Assembly/dismantling, fees for bulky items, Lift/Stair fees, Extra stops fees, Travel fees, fuel levy or if GST is included in the price. The list of potential extra fees goes on.

Be careful to know what you are paying for.

3. Experience


The old saying of “You get what you pay for” should be on your mind when trying to decide on the right removalists for you.

Cheaper prices sound fantastic when on a budget but what are you actually purchasing for that cheaper price.

Will the movers attached to that cheap price be professional?

Will they be experienced?

At the end of the day, the cost of the move might be cheaper but the cost to your furniture and property could end up costing you a lot more.

4. Insurance and Accountability


Do your removalists include insurance?
How accountable will they be if something does go wrong?
Will your belongings be covered if something is damaged?

Will the removalist take your claims of damage seriously?

Do they have a system to handle damage complaints?

It’s a fact of life that sometimes accidents happen but you want to make sure that you are paying for a company that will be accountable for their own faults and look after you and your furniture.

5. Proper Equipment


Moving furniture requires a lot of heavy lifting and quick thinking but without the proper equipment the cost of a move can blow out to be more expensive than you expect.

Hiring a cheaper removalist will often provide you with the bare minimum, missing things like blankets, tools and sometimes even ramps.

6. Plan-B


No matter how well you plan your side of things, you cannot control all aspects of a move. What happens if the settlement on your house falls through, or the previous tenants have not moved out on time.

What do you do? Having a backup plan or at least knowing that your removalist will be able to help you can be big ease off your mind.

The cheaper you go, the less chance that your removalist will even have the facility to cover you if you suddenly need to store your goods overnight. Sometimes paying that little bit extra pays off.

7. Professionalism


Sometimes you are paying for the professionalism of your movers.

How the movers conduct themselves can have a big impact on your move.

Keeping you updated if they are running late, knowing how to load your items, driving safely, having the right insurances and being able to supply you with a receipt can reduce a lot of headaches and ensure that your items are handled with the respect that they deserve.

8. Customer Service


Spending the little bit more on a removalist will ensure that you are not just dealing with a solo man and his truck who only answers to himself.

You want a team of professionals not just physically moving your items but handling the finer details like official confirmations, communication, payments, to be able to look after your case if something does go wrong.

Hiring someone who charges that little bit more will ensure you will have someone to call should you have any needs that arise.

9. Paying Cash For The Service


There is nothing wrong with paying cash for any kind of service. Plenty of businesses only accept cash as payment or use incentives for their customers to choose cash as their payment option.

But what is happening to that money once it exchanges hands? It is common practice for businesses to prefer the cash option to avoid paying GST.

Another thing to consider is how much your removalists are getting paid. Are they being paid appropriately by their employer?

10. Peace of Mind


Moving is hectic and stressful enough without having to worry about whether your removalist is going to do the right thing by you.

Choosing a removalist that costs a little bit more than your cheapest quote is often simply paying for the peace of mind that you and your goods will be looked over from start to finish, allowing you to settle into your new home with a fresh new start.

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