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Unpacking after moving is not as simple as it seems. If you don’t follow the right procedure and setup you might end up spending more time unpacking than the entire move. Just imagine yourself in the middle of unorganised boxes.

Getting the chills already?

Rather than regretting in the end, Isn’t it better to organize the packing so that when you unpack you know the exact location of your items? It will not only save your time but extra efforts as well.

Do check this article if you want to get relief from relocating stress, unpacking and setting up in your new property.

Check your new home

New home


Before carrying out the move, we would suggest you to visit the new house and carry out tasks that will add to your stress after moving. You must also go through the moving house checklist so you don’t miss out on anything.

Let’s start with cleaning. Usually the end of lease cleaning is carried out by the previous tenants but is it as per your satisfaction? Do you want to arrange things differently? Create a plan and perform the tasks either before or during the move so that when you move your house completely, you don’t have to spend extra on things that will add to the time you are going to spend on unpacking & adjusting in the new house.

Then comes the property inspection. Take time out before moving house and check all the rooms, kitchen, washrooms and vice versa. Is everything working and as per your expectations?

Keep these things in mind and get relief from the extra stress a move brings with it.

Set up your kitchen

Setting up kitchen is nothing less than climbing a mountain. Before moving, pack your kitchen items properly and label boxes. Make sure to keep all the cutlery and glassware in different boxes so that you can prevent any damage to your valuables.

When you reach your new home, start with the kitchen first because it is the most complicated and time-taking task. Pull all the kitchen boxes from here & there and keep it in sight. Analyse the kitchen first and decide which box you want to unpack first & start from that corner. Unpacking all the boxes all together and arranging one item from one box and second item from other box will only make things messy. Trust me nobody wants to see things messy.

Slowly and steadily if you go by the plan, you will complete your task and achieve inner satisfaction & peace

Arrange your living room

Then comes your living room. Consider your living room as a centerpiece that is going to represent your life style. When you start with unpacking your living room boxes, look around and check which item fits where. Unpacking should be done step by step rather than all together that too in case of your living room because you will get confused and to arrange things in living room you need a clear mind. It needs to look presentable in any case.

If you want to feel less stressed, I would suggest you create a plan before setting up the living room. If you have art pieces, wine cabinets that you want to set up in your living room, you seriously need a pre plan so that they are placed at their right location

Get your closets ready

Now comes the closets.

Have you packed all your clothing’s and labelled the box before moving. If not, then do it now. Or else when packing, you might take your kitchen box to the room and when unpacking see it’s not your clothes, instead the kitchenware that you had intentions to set in the closets.

If you have issues in labeling boxes or don’t have sufficient packing materials, then consult expert removalists. They will take all your moving burden on their shoulders and arrange & pack the boxes according to the room setup plans, your priority keeping safety of your valuables in mind. They will arrange the things in such a way that you won’t find it some kind of puzzle you have to solve, just look at the boxes and you will know the right place for the packed box. It will reduce your unpacking time that you can utilize in carrying out other activities.

No television

If you think, you need entertainment while unpacking your boxes, then you are wrong. Your focus should be on moving and adjusting in the new house. Distraction is a cause for many issues and you seriously don’t want it to impact your move. When you are done unpacking and setting up your old house into new house, you will get load of time to watch TV, going out with family and friends, so why get distracted instead of completing the move on or before time

Keep children and pet way

Be it packing or unpacking, keep your kids and pets away. They can complicate the move and might cause damage to your valuables unintentionally. Let’s say you are packing a glassware and your pet comes rushing towards you in a playful mood and boom, you just lost one of your expensive glassware which could have been prevented if you had followed the instructions properly.

After reaching your new house, be careful while unpacking. Same situations can take place again. Keep your kids and pets away till the time you are done unpacking after moving house completely. Your older kids can still help in the unpacking process but they are likely to get bored with time be sure to have two or three events ready when they get bored.

Take a break

You need not have to work continuously and hurrying things only leave effects. Take breaks, short ones, talk to you friends, take your dog out for a walk or even order your favourite food. Instead of taking the too seriously, calm down a bit. It will only help in making the move a success.

If in any case you think, you need help with packing and moving, we are here for you. Just give us a call at 1300 907 911 and our removalists will be there at your door in no time to take care of your moving, packing and unboxing.

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