The Ultimate Moving House Checklist 2024 (Printable PDF)

Written by Christina & reviewed by Shveta

Planning to move your house soon? Looking for a reliable removalist in Adelaide or any other location?

You have a pretty intimidating to-do list for packing, organizing and cleaning.

We have created a customized moving house checklist based on our experience of moving thousands of home and commercial moves.

Our ultimate checklist of moving house will help you keep track of your every task.

To make your work even easier, you can download our ultimate house moving checklist printable PDF for free to keep it handy for reference.

You will also find packing and moving house tips to make the entire process stress-free.

So whether you are planning to go with a professional removalists company or want to tackle the moving process on your own, follow our removalist checklist:

General checklist:

  • Always remember to start early. Start your preparation 4-6 weeks before the moving date.
  • Make up your mind whether you want to do it yourself or hire a removalist. Hiring one has many advantages and ease your task of packing, moving and unpacking. Choose one carefully which offer quality service along with a reasonable price and to do that use removalist cost calculator to get the estimate of your moving.
  • Make sure that your new home is ready and in a condition to receive the valuables.
  • Give a prior notice to redirect all your bills, newspapers, and periodicals to your new address. (Refer this blog for Change of Address Checklist)
  • Start to use up all the minor things you have in your current house which you might not need in your new home such as food items. This will prevent unnecessary wastage and cost of moving.
  • Start merging and keeping all the essential documents, insurance papers, and medical records in one place.

Things you need to do before 4-6 weeks of Moving Day

Even though you have hired a removalist, you might want to pack certain things yourself. Following is the moving house checklist to make it easier for you.

  • Get quotations from moving companies
  • Ask for moving transit insurance
  • Book a removalist company in advance. Irrespective of your location, be it Moonee ponds removalists or Sydney removalists, you need to book them prior.
  • Get household insurance for the new place
  • Book car transport
  • Arrange for pet transport
  • Hire handyman
  • Inform the Electoral office about your address
  • Notify Car registration and driver’s license
  • Update your address in the following place:

    – Banks
    – Cell Phone Companies
    – Credit Cards
    – Subscription services
    – Friends and family

  • Create a floor plan of your new place for furniture placement
  • Prepare inventory and note down dents and scratches
  • List precious and fragile items that need special care
  • Dispose of items that are no longer required
  • Check manufacturer moving instruction
  • Use all your open packets in the kitchen
  • Start throwing the goods that have met their expiry date
  • Start cooking all the food available in the fridge
  • Start sorting through the garden and garage
  • Dispose of flammable liquids

    – Paint
    – Garden chemicals
    – Bleach
    – Cleaning fluids
    – Aerosols
    – Fuel

  • Empty air bottles and gas cylinder with valves open
  • Make a folder having your moving documents
  • Redirect your new address
  • Arrange for school or Day-Care transfers
  • Cancel or redirect subscriptions to the new address
  • Arrange your tickets and accommodation when traveling
  • Confirm with your real estate agents about the date and key collection
  • Return rented and borrowed items
  • Make a plan on how to carry your jewelry and documents
  • Look for storage facilities
  • Schedule the required repairs
  • Collect your family and pet medical records
  • Set up utilities at the new home
  • Give notice to your landlord
  • Review your car and home insurance
  • Time to start packing your possessions
  • Book professional team of packers to assist you
  • Arrange packing material or cartons from Removalist

    – Moving boxes
    – Fragile warning tape
    – Packing paper and tape
    – Sharpies
    – Bubble wrap
    – Dolly

  • Here are a few tips if you are packing yourself

    – Don’t use newspaper to pack the items rather use clean white butcher’s paper
    – Label cartons about the content and room destination
    – Make a list of fragile items and note any scratches
    – Use small cartons for heavy items and place them on bottom
    – Use large cartons for light items and keep them last
    – Dismantle your furniture- keep the things required for reassemble them together
    – Prepare a survival kit that has:
    – Tea and coffee
    – Children toys
    – Snacks and breakfast
    – Children and pet requirements
    – Telephone headset
    – Bathroom necessities
    – Medication
    – Scissors
    – Toilet paper
    – Take personal items and valuable items with you

Things you need to do one week before moving Day

  • Keep your bed linens, curtains and towel aside, you may need them as soon as possible
  • Create a plan for each room
  • Water the indoor plants and pack them in plastic boxes
  • Contact dentists, specialist, doctor or any other medical professional to forward your records to the new ones
  • Let your household help know about your shift- like gardener babysitter, cleaner
  • Prepare scanner and printer for travel
  • Backup your important hard disk
  • Take out memory card from video cameras and place them safely
  • Drain house to avoid leaking during the transit
  • If you work from home then inform your clients about the move and update them with your new address
  • Rearrange new facilities like domestic help, cleaner and gardener at the new place
  • If you are planning to move your pet by yourself, then visit a vet to know how to make the move safe and comfortable
  • Confirm your new address, contact number, packing and unpacking requirements, tools, payment options and other details with your Removalists
  • Arrange parking facility for the Removalist’s vehicle
  • Apply for leaves
  • Confirm order place to the new home address are on schedule (For example new carpet)
  • Organize mail redirection
  • Service your car
  • Conduct a formal inspection of your new house
  • Get over with your packing
    – Check jars and lid to avoid any spills
    – Vertically pack the plates
    – Drain oil and petrol from equipment

The Day Before Moving into a New House Checklist

  • Keep your essential and survival cartons handy
  • Give removalist the new parking address and floor plan
  • Instruct them to unload as per the room
  • Pack bag for every family members with their basics
  • Defrost your fridge and clean it
  • Drain liquid from ice makers, washing machines, etc.
  • Charge your mobile and keep it at a safer place
  • Jot down all the important numbers
  • Take note of meter readings
  • Double check items when they are uploaded in the truck
  • Turn off the hot water system
  • Lock all door and windows
  • Cross-check the garden area, cupboards, garage and sheds
  • Return the old house key to a new tenant or Real Estate Agent
  • Remove garage opener from your car

Moving Day Checklist

Instruction to be followed at your old home:

  • Give a detailed tour to the removalists with clear instructions
  • Ensure your high priority boxes can be accessed easily
  • Carry important things with you
  • Set out all the rubbish for council cleanup
  • Leave a note for deliverers and mail
  • Make sure the house is secure

Instructions to be followed at your new home:

  • Ensure that removalists can access all the points
  • Have a photocopy of the furniture floor plan
  • Check if all utilities are connected
  • Before signing, double check your inventory especially packed ones
  • Take pictures of the house you are renting
  • Double check if there are any items left behind by the previous tenants or occupants
  • Leave your fridge in the upright direction before switching
  • Start with assembling your bed
  • Unpack your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and other rooms
  • Change your security locks
  • If your possessions have moved from storage, check before signing the inventory
  • Notify removalist company if you find anything missing
  • Contact all your utility providers
  • Settle pets and children with familiar things
  • Unpack your moving day kit based on your requirements
  • Place your important documents in a safe place
  • Take photos of your utility meters
  • Check all the keys and might book a locksmith to make new locks
  • Inspect the garden before your kids and pet start playing
  • Do a clean-up and make your beds so you can sleep after the busy day
  • Plug in your phone
  • Settle younger children with toys
  • Make an emergency contact number list
  • Don’t start unpacking everything in a single day
  • Say hello to your new neighbors

After you have moved in

The first few days in your new home might be unsettling, as each time you walk around, you might see your piled boxes. But, relax! You deserve it!

Having successfully handled months of planning for the move, you and your family are in your new home. That is an accomplishment in itself. On the day you move in, make your beds first and have a sumptuous meal to celebrate a perfect finish to your relocation journey.

  • If the house feels cold, start up the boiler before you settle down.
  • Check the washrooms and do a basic clean up. Lay down your toiletries and toothbrushes neatly for the next day.
  • Check your surroundings first, do a cursory clean up if needed and make your beds. Good sleep is essential to take on unpacking with renewed energy.
  • Toddler beds need to be made as a priority. Toddlers might feel stressed due to strange smells and sounds in your new home. You can make the room more personal and comforting, by hanging a few family photos or arranging personal items around.
  • In case of pets, settle them with some treats and toys in their usual bedding. It is ideal to leave pets with a caregiver until you settle down in your new home.
  • Activate your telephones and plug-in essential appliances
  • Rearrange all essential deliveries like milk, newspaper, supermarket grocery and subscriptions
  • Note all emergency contact numbers for essential services like doctors, taxis, vets etc
  • Unpack and arrange your kitchen first. Rest can wait! Start with 1-2 boxes at a time, to avoid clutter and chaos. This will make the process efficient and effortless.
  • Encourage your older children to help you unpack. You can assign them the job of organizing their rooms. Believe us, children love that kind of responsibility.

The main thing to bear in mind – don’t expect everything to be done immediately. This might end up stressing you, even before you start on the job. Take your time to settle down comfortably!

Are you ready for a move?

This moving into first house checklist will hopefully make your move seamless and hassle-free.

Contact us if you are looking for a removalist company to conduct your move within Melbourne.

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