Too Much Old Furniture? 5 Ways to Deal With Used Furniture During The Relocation

11 February 2022 Contributed by: admin

If you have been staying in one place for a long time, you will have a lot of used and old furniture which you may not wish to take your brand new home. Some of it may just be unnecessary for you while some may have lost it shine over the period of years. Whatever it may be, there are a few ways to handle that old furniture according to your requirements.

  • Holding a garage sale


Holding a garage sale is one of the easiest ways to get rid of all the things accumulated fast and all at once. You will also be able to get a tidy sum out of it. Not only can be get rid of the old furniture, but you can also sell other things that you do not want to take into your new home.

Get all your neighbors together and place an advertisement in local newspapers and announcement boards at least a week before the day of the garage sale. Arrange all your things neatly and tidily and you can get rid of most of the things that you didn’t want.

  • Sell on eBay

If you have some time before your day of relocation and would want to get more money out of it, then eBay is where you go. Take good pictures of your furniture and post in on eBay for a fair sum. Once you have a buyer, coordinate with the person to sell the furniture as soon as you want.

In other cases, if you have some big pieces of furniture leftover from the garage sale, then you can also post in eBay provided you have some good friend in the locality who can take keep the furniture till the buyer comes to pick it up.

  • Refurbish your favorites

Though some pieces of furniture have become old, they will still be your favorites. In case you want to keep the furniture with you, you can refurbish the furniture for a decent sum and make it as new as you bought them and take it your new home. Or, if you don’t get a good buyer for a big piece of furniture, you can also refurbish it and see how fast it sells!

  • Trade for new furniture


Calculate the price you will need to pay for the new furniture and factor in the transportation costs you will need to pay the furniture removals for the house move and take a wise decision.

  • Donate them

There are always ways to get rid of furniture easily and immediately when you don’t expect money or kind in return! If you are someone who feels strongly about donations, then you can give yours to the charity foundations present in your area. It will be a good deed that will actually make you feel nice!

In case if you are unsure about what to do with the furniture and don’t have enough time to think over it, then it doesn’t mean you need to take a decision hastily. Opt for a storage container from the house removals agency you had hired for the relocation and keep your furniture in at a cheap cost till you have time to decide. Move My Stuff offers storage locations all over Australia at very affordable costs with state of the art security with pickup and drop options.

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