Can moving companies disassemble and reassemble furniture?

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Can moving companies disassemble and reassemble furniture?

When you buy furniture for your home, how many times did you think that someday you may have to move? A well-furnished home looks great and gives you a feeling of fulfilment.

We all buy furniture as per our requirements and comfort. When you have to move the furniture becomes a concern. Moving furniture over a distance, be it long or short, is always a challenging task and can give you nightmares.

Be it a single item or many pieces of furniture, the moving process is no child’s play. You should know furniture moving is both a technical and physical task.

There are many furniture items which consume a lot of space and being bulky in size, they can be hard to lift.

Since most of the furniture in the home can be heavy (couch, bed, wardrobe etc.), using only muscle power won’t help completely. You may call your friends or family but still, there is a lot which you need.

Imagine you have a bed, a couch and a wardrobe on the first floor, how would you manage to move it to the ground floor? This is something next to impossible if you plan to DIY.

Moreover, it is a risk for you and for the property as well. Shifting bulky furniture from one place to the other can scratch the floor or the walls if you are not experienced and have the right equipment.

This act can also give you severe injuries if anything goes wrong.

The furniture may even get damaged if you try to move it by yourself. No one is ready to take such risks while moving furniture or moving home.

Be it a small one-bedroom apartment or a big family home, there is always a lot more furniture than you realize.

If you are someone who has never moved, the experience is going to be very daunting. The situation isn’t just about moving but finding a reliable removalist as well.

This can be a headache. You won’t find a good home or furniture removalist just by a matter of chance.

There are efforts you need to put in, such as contacting the removalists, getting price quotes, comparing the prices quoted by the removalists, reading reviews etc.

Make sure that the removalist you contact is offering you a free quote and check the package of moving services being offered.

Since the cost of local moves and interstate move varies, you should always get moving interstate quotes from different removalists and check which one is a better deal for you.

Whether it is about office relocations or home relocations, you will find many removalists if you start searching for them on Google. But the question is about reliability.

It is not easy to rely upon anyone like this. After all, you are going to give them the responsibility of moving your belongings.

Is it easy to disassemble and reassemble furniture by yourself?



There are two things to be taken into consideration while moving to a new house. First moving the furniture and second is assembling and disassembling.

Disassembling and reassembling any furniture at your home totally depends on the type, shape and size of the furniture.

If the furniture is very heavy and bulky in size, you may struggle to do it yourself. If the furniture is lightweight and small in size, you’ll probably find it’s a little easier to handle yourself.

But again, this doesn’t happen every time. Sometimes even a small piece of furniture can give you trouble.

Generally, for disassembling and reassembling any furniture requires specific tools and equipment which aren’t found at home.

Moreover, if you are someone who has no experience in disassembling or assembling furniture you can cause more harm than good to the item.

Keep in mind, if you are alone and the furniture is bulky, you might find quickly that you need another set of sturdy hands to help.

When you have to move locally, your moving cost is generally calculated by an hourly rate based on the amount of time the job takes to complete from start to finish.

If this is the case and you want the removalist to do the disassembling and reassembling for you, you will have to pay extra money whether that is because of the time it takes to do so, or if your removalists charge you extra for the service.

If you are doing long-distance move, the cost for these types of removalist services is generally added in the entire cost itself.

How do moving companies disassemble and reassemble furniture?

Moving companies have the latest equipment, tools and vehicles which are needed for a successfully smooth move.

Also, when it comes to disassembling and reassembling the furniture, the reliable removal companies can do that easily, irrespective on the number, shape, size and weight of the furniture.

A reliable removalist offers you complete moving service with disassembling and reassembling service of your furniture. The qualified removalist whom you have hired is an expert in doing this type of work.

However, before you hire any removalist in Melbourne, make sure that you clarify whether the removalist is offering to disassemble and reassembling services or not.

Some removalist charges extra money for this job while some removalists will offer you this removal service free of cost at no additional charge.

Be it a small move or big, we first should understand what type of furniture is generally found in the houses.

  1. Bed – Bed is something which is found in almost every home. There are different types of beds. It can be a bunk bed, sleigh bed or a trundle bed with drawers for storage.
  2. Other furniture can be dressers, tables (centre tables, study/computer table, kitchen table etc), armoires, china cabinets.
  3. Entertainment centres and bookshelves are also bulky and heavy furniture.


Moving furniture or a whole home safely and efficiently requires a lot of experience and the right equipment.

Please note that even if the movers have all that they need some removalist companies will not assemble newly bought pre-packaged furniture or assemble items they have not disassembled themselves first.

Always check with your removalist to find out exactly what they will and won’t do.

Some professional removalists have teams dedicated for different tasks, such as separate removals team for loading and unloading, packing and unpacking and similarly for dismantling and reassembling.

So, you will have to tell that removalist if you need this service or not and accordingly your cost shall be calculated according to your needs.

Will the moving company disconnect and reconnect electric appliances?

A home doesn’t only have furniture. There are lots of electric appliances installed as well.

Many people’s homes are fully equipped with these appliances and disconnecting and reconnecting these electric appliances is not always an easy job to do.

Hence moving becomes a battle. Check a few common electric appliances which are generally found in every home.

  • Washer and dryer
  • TV and other entertainment systems
  • Refrigerator
  • Water purifier
  • Microwave oven and other kitchen appliances


Also, if you have exercise equipment at home such as treadmills, bench press etc. You will need to ask your removalist if this is covered under the package they have offered.

Not every removalist includes this as a normal part of the move. The furniture removalists should be able to carry out every type of furniture removal work but may charge extra for certain things.

Considering your items are precious to you and time is money, it always best to just make sure your removalist is ready for every aspect of your move.

Regarding appliances; not every removalist will disconnect and reconnect for you. This may be for various reasons, especially due to experience.

The last thing a removalist wants to do is damage your appliance due to inexperience.

If you made your removalist aware that you will need help with this they can let you know in advance if they are able to accommodate your request or potentially give you some helpful options to make sure it is done correctly.

Another good thing to do is to make a checklist for yourself before you start calling removalists so that you can remember everything you need to inquire about in one go.

This will ensure that there will be no surprises for you or the removalist.

People move for various reasons; some for personal reasons and some for professional. Whatever the reason there are plenty of options out there for you to investigate.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and let the removalists know exactly what you need. The more detail you can give, the more chance that your move will go off without a hitch.

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