Move My Stuff - Your Local Museum Removalists in Melbourne

Museums play an important role in enriching our cultural heritage, and every artifact they house are priceless! Move My Stuff understands the intrinsic worth of museums, and have evolved into the premium Museum Removalist service in Melbourne. Since 2007, this multifaceted removalist company has taken pride of place in the hearts of hundreds of Melbourne customers, for impeccable services rendered. With specialised shifting gears, professional experts with in-depth insights and specially curated custom packing materials, we ensure a well organised museum relocation services.


Our Planning Process

Every museum move is unique! We sit with you understand your requirements, and draw up a customised plan to suit your requirements. We set the basic preparation and planning process in motion based on your specifications.


Professional Packing

We have art and antiquities experts as part of our professional team. They can share ideas and strategic solutions to ensure a safe transportation of collections, in our state of the art fleet.

Specialised Containers

Our custom packaging helps secure the collections for safe transport and long term storage. We also ensure that the walls and route ways in current and destination points are suitably protected

Specialised Equipment

We can make arrangements for suitable lifting equipment depending on the nature of collections. We own a lot of specialised equipment, but can also hire if specific requirements crop up.

Specialised Services

Enabling winching points, temporary staging etc are done with effortless ease to facilitate the safe movement of collections.

Unpacking Services

Our team unpacks and arranges the museum objects with precision and care, in the final destination. We also provide interim or long time storage as per your request.


If your requirement is to shift collections within the same building, our team can help you relocate and install collections.



Move My Stuff's professional team is just a phone call away! Entrust your museum move to us and relax. 03 9020 4999
How do you secure fragile goods like amphibian display, bone display etc?

Our team of professionals are skilled in providing a wide array of packing solutions to suit the nature of goods. For fragile goods, we use bubble wraps, blankets and custom padded boxes to secure. Special care is taken when they are manoeuvred and arranged in the transit truck. They are arranged in such a way that they are not affected due to rough roads or weather conditions.

Can I request a customised crate?

Yes, you can. We need 10 days advance notice to customise crates to move heavy and fragile goods like statues, artworks and other units.

Do you offer storage?

Yes, we do! We have spacious storage bays manned 24/7. They are also fitted with fire alarms and CCTV monitoring. We offer a range of storage solutions
.Short time
.Long time
.Interim storage
You can store a few items or the whole container. Talk to our team for more details

Are the goods insured against damages?

Yes, we have a
.Public liability insurance that covers damages to premises or damages to valuables due to negligence on our part.
.Comprehensive transit insurance that covers the damages caused due to negligence of staff during transit and delivery.
However, the insurance doesn't cover delays, accidents or unexpected complications, due to circumstances beyond our control. If the items are high value or unique, it is a good idea to take an insurance cover for them. Talk to your insurance company. If you prefer, our staff can guide you too.

Can you help with interstate museum removals?

Yes, we can. We have extensively moved valuables mainly between South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. Talk to our team about the destination, and they can guide you through with the procedures.