What Do You Do With Rubbish When Moving?

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Moving house is an important event in life. It’s a time when you have to make hard and quick decisions for a smooth relocation.

And this is when you need to choose between keeping something you love or getting rid of something you don’t – because they’re broken, out of date, or just plain useless.

People often assume that they’ll naturally know what they should get rid of and what they should keep when moving your home, but this is rarely the case. Sometimes, the thing that you might be most stressed about is not the physical act of moving itself, but what you will do with all of your old junk when you’ve finished.

So we have compiled a list of rubbish removal tips for you so that you can make your move easier and stress-free.

10 Tips to Plan Your Household Rubbish Removal During the Move

1. Identify the Things for Rubbish Removal

Your first step for rubbish removal is to get a good idea of what you’re planning on moving. If you’ve got a lot of household waste, it’s probably best to plan out your packing and save yourself some time and effort.

It is imperative that you prepare your list of things for disposal before moving house. This will help you minimize the amount of rubbish that needs to be taken care of.

You’ll want to figure out what you’re throwing out in advance so that you don’t forget any items at the last minute and every box doesn’t end up at the tip. If you’re organizing a big move, have a complete house moving checklist to tick off each item on your list as it’s completed.

Here are some things that most people consider junk:

1. Old clothes that no longer fit or have stains (unless they’re covered in stains)

2. Old toys from when your kid was little that never got played with

3. Broken items from the kitchen that can’t be used

4. Old furniture that couldn’t be repaired and no longer serves any purpose

5. Broken appliances like washing machines can’t be fixed and will only get worse over time

2. Start Packing Early

It’s convenient to start your packing at least a week or two before the scheduled moving date. This will give you enough time to assess all your belongings and decide whether you want to carry them to your new home or not.

Don’t unpack your entire home and throw everything at once into boxes. Instead, use a system to sort and group similar things — such as furniture, clothes, books, and electronics — into manageable piles.

Before the moving day, do a final check to ensure that everything is ready for loading into your new home or storage unit.

3. Begin with One Room at a Time

One room

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The best way to discard unwanted items for household rubbish removal and pack for your move simultaneously is to do it gradually over some time instead of all at once. It helps to keep one room at a time in mind will help keep everything straight in your head as you go through each room and determine what to keep and what to get rid of.

4. Sort Through Your Things

The most important thing is identifying what needs to go for waste removal and what can stay. Begin by sorting trash from your belongings.

Start with the things likely to be given away at yard sales or resold online. Then move on to things like old furniture and larger household objects. Finally, think about how you want to dispose of smaller items like electronics, food packaging, and paper products you no longer need but don’t want just yet.

It can be hard to understand if you need an item or not. So here are a few questions to help you make things clearer.

5. Label the Junk for Selling, Donation, or Rubbish

Whether you’re decluttering your home before the move, it’s essential to know which items are worth keeping and which ones are junk. There’s no magic formula for figuring out what to keep and what to toss, but there’s one proven approach: decide on your “keeper” items — those things you really want to keep — and then get rid of everything else that’s not on your list.

And once you have a whole lot of junk that you don’t necessarily need, you can throw it any of the three boxes:

To Sell

If you’re looking to make a profit by selling items you no longer want, there are many options available. The simplest way is to sell them on eBay or Craigslist. Just make sure you’re selling something in good condition (not damaged) and listed properly, and don’t forget to include a description, photo, and original price.

You can also seek out secondhand stores like yard sales and thrift stores for saleable merchandise in good condition.

To Donate

You can donate things that look like they’ll be hard to resell. If you have some old clothing or other items in a useable condition, consider donating them to the local charities.

Donating your unwanted cast-offs can be an excellent way to get rid of items that you no longer need and make room for more valuable items.

To Recycle

If you have the knack to recycle old stuff, then you can save the items that’ll be useful to you.

To Garbage

And lastly, some things aren’t useable — things that have worn off, wilted, damaged by molds, or expired. These are things that you need to bag for household rubbish.

6. Sort the Electronic Waste & Garden Waste Separately

E-waste is one of the most careful things to sort through. If you have any items like laptops, computers, monitors, CDs, speakers, or any other electrical appliances, then it’s important to get them disposed of separately from the other rubbish — like the garden waste that is disposed of in the environment.

This will help the professional rubbish removal service to send the e-waste and the green waste to the right place for recycling or disposal. Also, you’ll protect the environment from the hazardous metals and chemicals from the equipment when you deal with them separately.

7. Book Rubbish Removalists Ahead

A company offering a household rubbish removal service will come out to your house to collect all your trash. They’ll do all the hard work to dispose of the rubbish properly so that it doesn’t go to landfill or get incinerated.

Make sure to sort your rubbish as garden waste, electronic waste, household rubbish, hard rubbish, and other similar varieties to ensure that the rubbish removalists properly dispose of the trash in the right places.

8. Choose the Rubbish Removal Service You Need

There are many types of rubbish removal services. Some types of rubbish require manual labor such as removal of rubble, others require mechanical labor such as vehicles like trucks. But most of these come under commercial rubbish removal.

And then there are some types of household rubbish removal that requires loading up the rubbish and delivering them to recycling plants or disposal sites — like for e-waste, green waste, hard rubbish, plastic waste, and a lot more. So before you reach out to an experienced team to collect your rubbish, make sure to be clear of the type of service you need.

9. Get Free Quote from Rubbish Removal Companies

Getting a free quote for rubbish removals is as simple as giving the company a call.

The cost of the waste removal also changes based on various factors like:

1. The type of rubbish being collected: garbage, waste paper, heavy items

2. The distance from your house to the recycling facility

3. The type of vehicle to transport the load: such as a truck or container

4. The method of transport: such as manual or mechanical means

5. Same day service or booking a week before

Usually, rubbish removal services in Australia cost around $75 to $100, which is a reasonable price. You can always give a call to the waste removal company to get a free quote and inquire about their prompt service. Make sure to look for online reviews to be sure that the company can offer the best service for rubbish removal.

10. Discuss With Your Rubbish Removal Company

If this is your first time moving home and having rubbish removed by a professional company, then you may not be sure about the best way to sort them. And that’s okay.

You can always reach out to the rubbish removalists you’ve hired to know exactly how you need to discard the household waste and have the rubbish collected. Sometimes, you may need a mattress removal service or green waste removal and it can help to talk to the rubbish removals about it beforehand and get things sorted out before you start doing all the heavy lifting.

Most rubbish removal companies will do all the hard work — like help you dismantle the furniture of almost any type, white goods and other equipment for disposal. And some even provide efficient same-day service. So it’s best to get all your doubts cleared with the rubbish removalists.

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