How to Move your Warehouse: A Complete Checklist ( Download PDF)

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Whether you wish to get close to your suppliers or patrons or need a bigger facility, moving warehouses can be quite challenging and time-consuming if you fail to have a sound relocation plan on time.

This blog will provide you with a complete checklist to keep in mind about how to move your warehouses.

To make your work even easier, you can download our ultimate house moving checklist printable PDF for free to keep it handy for reference. This checklist will ensure your warehouse relocations is stress-free, easy, and efficient.

Have A Schedule for Moving

No doubt, there is never a perfect time to move, but by picking a specific date and scheduling your move with staff and experts, you can start planning and ensure a successful warehouse moving process and move to your new space as soon as possible.

You need to work with your employees to schedule when to push and plan the strategy, and of course, you need to keep them posted if there are any changes to your plan.

All you need to do is have some project plan to move your warehouse, and with this checklist, you can avoid potential headaches.  

You need to schedule the warehouse move as early as possible because some reputed warehouse companies tend to be booked in no time or even booked a week in advance.  

Move my stuff has your back. Our experts not only plan your warehouse relocation in advance but ensure to dispose of any of your additional machinery or equipment you don’t wish to take to your new location.  Our experts ensure to save your valuable operating time and protect your investments.  

Change your Address and Notify your Contacts

One of the most vital things under is that you need to start contacting your patrons and suppliers as soon as possible or when the lease is signed, and you have paid the deposit.

It would be best to inform the clients that you are Moving warehouse inventory, where you are doing so, and how the work will be affected post the move.  

You also need to invest some time to update the supplier delivery address, change staff email signs, website, social media pages, and business cards. 

It is essential for everyone to locate you once you decide to move to a new location. If the stock is delivered to the wrong warehouse, then it can surely cost your business, and you can also miss the deadlines.  

Your contact details are very significant for your business, so you need to ensure that you transfer the existing business number to your new address.  

Once you have moved you would surely be open for business instantly so you shouldn’t forget to mention your details to clients and if necessary, you should go for the postal services. 

Consider the Warehouse Regulations and Permit

If you want to make some fit-out changes to your warehouse, you surely need to follow building codes and get some building permits or approvals.  

To do the same, you need to find out about some specific requirements by connecting with your local council, and they will be able to guide you if you need any further planning or building permit. 

When planning a warehouse layout, you need to make sure that these routes with an emergency evacuation are also considered as it plays a crucial role under the Warehouse relocation checklist template. 

Have The Right Resources to Move

If you have a Warehouse transition plan, then you should also be able to allocate the right resources. It is mainly because companies run seamlessly and effectively with adequate resources and management, and you are no different.
You need to ensure that you allocate both resources and moving management time and employees to ensure that no vital aspects of the moving process are missed.  

It is next to impossible to estimate the time you would take to move.  

Having a warehouse management system would be ideal for better efficiency as it is a key part of the supply chain. 

Make Good Provisions

No doubt, the cost of moving a warehouse should be considered, but at the same time, you need to think that you make reasonable provisions.  

Before you move any part of the current warehouse, you need to ensure that you check a good clause in your lease agreement as you would need to know pretty much in advance if you need to return the existing warehouse in the condition it was when you had taken it. 

In some cases, it is all about making repairs and maintenance to make it good.  

It would be ideal to speak to your landlord as soon as possible so they can find a tenant who would be happy with your fit-out.  

It means you might not need to remove it either partially or entirely.  

If at all you miss some steps or something goes wrong, then your moving time and expenses are likely to enhance, but you can indeed mitigate the same with proper advance planning, picking an experienced warehouse moving company, getting quotes in advance and other aspects mentioned in the warehouse relocation checklist which tells about all the steps to be taken care of before the day of the move, on the day of the move and even posts the warehouse moving day.  

All you need is effective management and contingency plans.  

You need to start organizing all items that need to be moved. You need to pack it accordingly and identify if there are any removals.  

Your employees need to decide which items will be recycled or need to be thrown away. 

Pick an Experienced Warehouse Moving Company

Furthermore, you need to ensure that you have qualified experts for moving your valuable inventory and that you have capable employees to oversee the warehouse move plans.  

You might choose to hire an average removal company that might not have some tools or equipment vital to move your industrial stock safely.  

No matter what the size of your warehouse relocation. Move my stuff makes your warehouse move easier. With over a decade of experience, our detailed planning, skilled labor force, and specialized moving experience make move my stuff the best choice for warehouse relocation.  

We offer stress-free warehouse relocations for businesses around the globe. We know how important it is to minimize downtime. If you are considering relocating your distribution center,  

we have extensive knowledge and can assist you with minimal disruption to your normal operations. 

We have the expertise to handle the complexities of your warehouse move, from categorizing items to disassembling and reassembling shelving units. 

If you are finally all set to move? We have curated a robust checklist to make sure you do not miss out on anything. 

Warehouse Relocation Checklist

Relocation Checklist
Source :

Before the Move 

    1. Provide the new warehouse address and date to staff and other significant decision-makers 

    2. Complete the lease arrangements for new industrial property 

    3. Inform your present landlord that you wish to terminate/ not renew and provide the termination date 

    4. Organize a meeting of every staff member and allocate their relocation tasks 

    5. Draft a detailed relocation plan that includes unpacking and post-move clean-up  

    6. Get quotes from removalists and book a suitable removalist firm 

    7. Get comprehensive insurance coverage for your relocation 

    8. Tell your insurance provider to transfer your insurance to new location post-move 

    9. Contact utility providers for internet – disconnection and connection, and phone  

   10. Make a list of all your existing assets, such as furniture, equipment, machinery, and others 

   11. Contact the post office for mail redirection/ change of address notification  

   12. Spend time to make a detailed plan about how many assets you will move to your new warehouse, and list which ones of the aged or dead inventory you no longer need 

   13. Get in touch with the local council and understand the licenses or permits required for your new location 

   14. Shop for new machinery, equipment, furniture, stationery, etc. for your new location 

   15. Provide all relevant persons with the keys and access cards for your new warehouse facility 

   16. Make an announcement mentioning your warehouse move in newsletters and on the website for your clients and other relevant parties.

   17. Inform your suppliers about your warehouse move date and provide your new address 

   18. Update every relevant organization about your relocation date and new address (insurance companies, banks, magazine/newspaper subscriptions, etc.) 

   19. Ensure any required security deposit (e.g. bank guarantee) is in place prior to entering your new space 

   20. Get signage made for your new property.

Day of the Move 

   1. Check that every staff who has been assigned relocation responsibilities are present – reassign tasks in case any staff member is missing. 

   2. Remove your computers, server, phone system, and other technical equipment before the movers arrive. 

Post the Move 

   1. Monitor your new facility and inform the removals firm about any damage to equipment, stock. or machinery 

   2. Conduct training for the new location – security and safety/emergency procedures 

   3. Unpack, install and check each of the furniture, machinery, equipment, systems, etc. 

   4. Provide the keys, security cards, or passes to your landlord or real estate agency 

   5. Prepare condition reports for your new warehouse space 

   6. Arrange the termination of your old lease 

   7. Plan modifications and fit-outs for the optimum use and productivity of the new warehouse space you make arrangements to reassign tasks. 

If you are looking forward to moving or relocating, then Move My Stuff can be your ideal Warehouse Relocation Service partner, providing you with the ease of services as per your needs.  

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